[time-nuts] hp10811 OCXO shipping jolt/drop survival?

swingbyte swingbyte at exemail.com.au
Sat Oct 10 07:21:44 UTC 2009

Bruce Griffiths wrote:
> swingbyte wrote:
>> HI all ,
>> I had a 5370 A shipped to me that suffered enough of a drop/roll to
>> break a handle and bend the chassis such that the bottom panel had to
>> be modified to get it back on.  When I connected the timebase output
>> to the start input the frequency display is 10.0000000xx with the last
>> two numbers moving about quite a lot.  Could this indicate damage to
>> the oscillator due to the drop?  I haven't tuned up the inputs yet so
>> this may be an artefact of that.
>> Thanks
>> Tim
> Tim
> What gate time was used to measure the frequency?
> Bruce
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Hi Bruce,
With a 1s gate time it ranges from 9.999 999 996 to 10.000 000 012 MHz  
The 5335 with a 1s gate time gives 10.00000101 with the last digit 
flickering 0.   Of course what's really bad is I have two clocks to 
check now.  The std deviation  as measured by the 5370 of the 5370 clock 
is ~1.8 kHz while the std dev of the 5335 clock is 7.8 kHz - both have 
10811 OCXOs.. The 5335 measures the 5370 clock  std dev as 4.35mHz.  I 
think I'll have to check these against the Rb as I don't have a GPSDO yet. 



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