[time-nuts] time-nuts Digest, Vol 63, Issue 52

Florian Teply usenet at teply.info
Sun Oct 11 15:40:27 UTC 2009

Am Sunday 11 October 2009 16:57:50 schrieb Arnold Tibus:
> On Sun, 11 Oct 2009 16:27:32 +0200, Arnold Tibus wrote:
> >
> >When used these numbers in calculations we anyway have to convert
> >these ppm, ppb, ppt etc. to scientific numbers using exponents
> >There are too often discussions and misunderstandings
> >because the ignored case sensitivity of units (b for bit, B for Byte,
> >m for milli, M for Mega...).
> >
> >Btw. I remember to all these strange mmH, µµF etc. when I collected
> >rare inductors, capacitors revovered from vintage MIL- equipment in
> >the end fifties/ early sixties of last century ... :-)
> >
> >I believe that Time Nuts prefer precise and clear expressions!? ;-)
> >What do you think about it?
> >
> >waiting eagerly for  the new issue of LH,
> >regards
> >
> >Arnold
> I wanted to know where the difference of Million and Milliard and
> Billion is coming from. I found a good summary here
> http://eyeful-tower.com/muse/billion.htm
> Both (systems) were invented by the French, but the British and
> Americans do use differnt systems ... isn't it dangerous?
> Depts should be shiftet from UK to US -
> and the deposits vice versa - wouldn't it be a good deal? ;-)
> Arnold

Just to comment on exactly that article you posted: even if the british would 
switch to the short scale (skipping milliard and billiard and so on), there's 
still the rest of europe using the long scale. From that point of view, so 
far only North America is on the odd side. Anyways, i'd strongly support a 
scientific approach using exponents.

Just my 2Cents,

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