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Sun Oct 11 22:12:54 UTC 2009

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holrum at hotmail.com writes:

Alas,  if there was only an FM to R...  there is some  useful information 
in the revision history/comments near the beginning of the  file heather.cpp

The OSC graph defaults to OFF because it tends to be a  very jagged and 
noisy looking graph that gets rather annoyingly in the way of  things.  The 
next rev of the program has a display filtering option that  makes that plot 
look a lot more tame.

The OSC param is shown in PPB in  the status info at the top of the screen 
since that is the way it comes into  the program.   It is shown in PPT in 
the plots since that gives values  that are much easier read against the scale 
divisions on the screen.  I have considered converting to PPT in the status 
info,    can't remember why it stayed  PPB...


RTFM comes  to mind:-)                   

Well it's a great piece of software and I think you deserve  
congratulations, as does John for the Windows port, and I'm looking forward to  the next 
Yes, once I'd enabled the osillator graph and it virtually obliterated  
everything else I could see why it was normally off:-)
I loaded Heather up originally in the hopes that she would also  work for 
the Mini-T and would help me make some sense of what I was seeing with  those.
It certainly works ok, comparisons with the Thunderbolt are fascinating and 
 I've no doubts as to the accuracy of what Lady H is reporting, but the  
jury's still out on whether or not it all makes very much sense:-)

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