[time-nuts] Motorola Oncore VP GPS module & VIC-100 timing antenna kits 4 sale in AU

Ray Hudson hudsonray at yahoo.com.au
Mon Oct 12 10:52:56 UTC 2009

I have several Motorola Oncore VP GPS modules and VIC-100 triple filtered L1 antenna that I have for sale to "time nuts" out there.
The kit consists of 
1 x Motorola Oncore VP based GPS engine module  
1 x Panasonic/Matsushita VIC-100 Antenna & Pipe mount
1 x Antenna Cable
1 x Serial cable
1 x Powersupply
1 x CD
The Motorola Oncore VP engine basic specifications:
8 channel parallel receivers
L1  1575.42 Mhz
Code plus carrier tracking
Positioning accuracy < 25m , DGPS 1-5m typical
Timing accuracy : < 50 ns
The  Motorola VP GPS module  is supplied in a plastic case . With an internal regulator that accepts  9-15 volt on the standard concentric DC input connector, (12v nominal) .
The  DB9 serial connector provides true  RS232 translation via the internal MAX232 IC.
There is also a single LED showing  Power & one pulse per second (PPS)  
The buffered PPS signal is also available on DB9  connector (pin 9)
RTCM104 (DGPS) input on pin 1 of DB9 connector.
Internal Battery has been replaced.
Antenna :  Panasonic / Matsushita Electric Works VIC-100
High quality and outstanding performance by attenuating noise and interference near GPS L1 frequency through triple filtering design.
Gain: 38dbi. 
Filter attenuation: 60db at +- 50mhz of Fc

Co-Ax antenna cable is a pre terminated hi quality Huber&Suhner K02252  double silver shielded .
Power supply : 240 to 12v switch mode power supply
Serial cable : Male to female DB9 rs232 cable.
All manuals, circuit diagrams & configuration software are supplied on CD
Please note that I am in Australia so international freight will play an important part in your decision.
The Kit is just over 1kg in weight but could be lightened by dropping the powersupply and the serial cable out.
Please email to hudsonray at yahoo.com.au if you are interested and I'll send the photos ect.

Or have a look at this EBAY add.


Thanks Ray 

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