[time-nuts] Getting GPIB to work on HP5382B Universal counter

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Wed Oct 14 12:48:54 UTC 2009


As others have said, you *Must* use Agilent's software tools with their
hardware, not NI's.

There are other GPIB/IEEE488 software vendors who's tools can use NI's
and other third party controller cards, but NI software will only be
able to use NI hardware.

So, you need to go find and get the Agilent drivers and tools for their
GPIB adapters you already have.

It may be best to remove the cards/interfaces you have, uninstall all
the Agilent and NI software, do a clean up, then start again from
afresh, with the right combination of hardware and software.

Best Regards.

Dave B.

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> I have not yet met with success, but I have a little more 
> experience ;) Since so many people have made helpful 
> suggestions, I thought I'd include the current status.
> Just downloaded the most recent version of NI-488.2 version 
> 2.5 off the NI website.  It downloaded/unzipped/installed 
> without any apparent issue.  
> The "Devices and Interfaces - Measurement & Automation 
> Explorer shows several different applications in the software 
> tree, but does not recognize either of the two HP-IB 
> interfaces that are installed/attached:
>  - USB to HPIB (Agilent 82357A)
>  - PCI to HPIB (HP 82350)
> I did go back to the Agilent Connection Expert (it still sees 
> the two devices) I did check the "Enable Agilent GPIB cards 
> for 488 programs"
> The MS Win XP Device Manager sees both of them.
> I did learn that you cannot just re-install NI-488.2 from the 
> downloaded zip file, but have to use the MS software 
> uninstall process first.
> Still no joy in recognizing the interface card(s)
> Thanks again & Regards,
> Jerome

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