[time-nuts] Gold plating on aluminum

Nic McLean mcleann at bigpond.com
Tue Oct 20 19:25:08 UTC 2009

If you wish to do it yourself have a look at the products from Spa Plating
at http://www.goldn.co.uk/. I use their products they are really cool.
I have no other interest in this company or their Australian subsidury other
than being a satisfied customer.
Best 73's


I am working on a project to plate the lamp reflector in an HP 5065A with
gold. The existing reflector is aluminum. What little I can find suggests
that in addition to some preliminary plating the layer just below the
gold should be nickel as the mirror operates at a high temperature (100
deg C). Does anyone know of a company that can do this plating for me?


Corby Dawson

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