[time-nuts] Adret 4101A, the DCF77 and a good antenna

Florian Teply usenet at teply.info
Wed Oct 21 18:05:36 UTC 2009

Am Wednesday 21 October 2009 01:16:55 schrieb Alan Melia:
> Marco, have you considered that HBG on 75.0kHz might be stronger with you
> from Switzerland??. In a lab or other complex quite often with off-air
> standards the problem is local noise. I have a friend in Porto who used to
> be able to lock to MSF when it was at Rugby a few years ago.......I havent
> asked since it moved north to Anthorn but I suspect he uses GPS now. If the
> noise is not a problem these receiver will often work well on a resonable
> wire antenna which is fairly easy to rig. Or see the PA0RDT MiniWhip design
> for a very simple active low frequency antenna. This is used all round the
> world for receiving weak amateur signals on 136kHz ....it is broadband up
> to about 500kHz, and down to 40kHz Japanese frequency standard
> transmissions. It is so small you can experiment to find the best quiet
> position. At LF the secret is the higher the better.
I may very well be mistaken (and do hope so indeed), but isn't HBG about to be 
shut down quite soon? Maybe that i'm mixing that one up with another one 
BTW, is there such a thing as a comprehensive page on frequency standard 
transmissions on the web? That Japanese 40kHz sounds quite interesting...

And as far as i recall, reception of those LF signals is supposed to be better 
at night as there probably is less man-made noise and better propagation.


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