[time-nuts] GPS time, UTC and TAI

Jean-Louis Oneto Jean-Louis.Oneto at obs-azur.fr
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You should be aware that there is a _huge_ difference between UTC and TAI: 
UUTC is a timescale which have as many realisations UTC(k) as there is 
laboratories who want/need to realize it, but there is _no_ realtime 
representation of TAI and the recommendation of BIPM/CCTF is that there 
should _not_ be! It is a timerscale that is computed on a monthly basis (cf. 
Circular T), from the data of the preceding month. If you take the leap 
seconds  out of UTC (in fact UTC(GPS), steered close to UTC(USNO)), you will 
_not_ get TAI, just UTC(GPS)-34s...!
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> Helo,
> Re my last question.
> I've read that GPS time is ahead of UTC time by 15 seconds and TAI time is 
> ahead of UTC by 34 seconds.
> I need to generate time to a display based on TAI time.
> Any ideas how I can do that with a normal M12M GPS receiver.
> Martyn
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