[time-nuts] GPIB on HP5382B counter

Jerome Peters jpeters at nvidia.com
Fri Oct 23 21:23:30 UTC 2009

I'm still trying to get the HP5328B counter to work with GPIB.  I don't have any problems talking, however I can't receive data.
I think the basic (HP/Agilent) hardware/software  are ok, with a similar type of program I am able to send/receive to a 34401 Digital Multimeter.
It "seems" like it should be pretty straight forward to implement but I can't figure out where  I'm going wrong.  There is a test oscillator driving the counter at ~5MHz, The Oscillator drifts a bit, so I can see every time it captures a new measurement. The counter is not in "talk only mode"

#include <visa.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <string.h>

void main () {

  ViSession defaultRM, vi;
  char buf[25] = {0};
  char buf1[25] = {"Press Return to exit"};

  /* Open session to GPIB device */
  viOpenDefaultRM (&defaultRM);
       viOpen (defaultRM, "GPIB0::3::INSTR", VI_NULL,VI_NULL, &vi);   //This is for USB to GPIB adapter

                viPrintf(vi, "PF4G6S024R, \n");                  // Frequencey measurement, CH#A, 1Hz res, single measurement,
// Wait to output; Service request at end of meas.  Output at end of Measure.
        viPrintf(vi, "T, \n");                  // Trigger

        viScanf(vi, "%t", buf);                             // read results

              printf("DATA string 1: %s\n", buf);      // Print results

  viClose (vi);                                 // Close session
  viClose (defaultRM);

  gets(buf1);                        //  Program exit after RETURN


Thanks to all those who responded last week.
Best regards,
Jerome KC6ENE

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