[time-nuts] OpenBSD / ntpd / gpsd / PPS problems

Rich Wales richw at richw.org
Sun Oct 25 04:34:19 UTC 2009

Chris Kuethe wrote:

> I removed the special-casing that would cause gpsd to activate the nmea(4)
> line discipline. The way I'm now doing this is to get ldattach to relay
> through a pty, and gpsd can read that pty.  you can do something like this
> in /etc/rc.local:       gpsd -n $(ldattach -t dcd nmea cua01)

I assume you also used the "-p" flag to ldattach, right?

I tried the following:

        gpsd -n `ldattach -p -s 19200 -t dcd nmea /dev/tty00`

(my GPS is on /dev/tty00)

-- but about one second after ldattach did its setup, it died with the
following error in the logs:

        eof during read from device: Undefined error: 0

and cgps never shows any data from the GPS.

Rich Wales
richw at richw.org

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