[time-nuts] HP5372A CRT schematics

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Tue Oct 27 17:10:02 UTC 2009

Magnus Danielson wrote:
> Fellow Time-nuts,
> I have problem with a HP5372A, where the CRT failed and only shows a 
> vertical line of compressed graphics. Obviously something is broken in 
> the drive-side. So, does anyone have the schematics and possibly other 
> service info for the CRT module? I can't recall seeing any schematics 
> in the service manual, only module-level tuning.
> I am sure it is close to trivial to fix, but it becomes easier with a 
> schematic at hand.
> As I recall it, it looks like a standard CRT module and to be honest, 
> I am not very impressed about its functionality. 
OK, a restless mind (mine) opened the box up since I was not going to 
get any real work done anyway. Just looking around for potential 
problems I found that a connector was suspicously brownish instead of 
normal dull semitransparent whitish plastic. Just juggeling the cable 
around and try it again proved that the connector was infact flakey and 
I could even see some heat-fluxuations in the air above it. Redoing the 
connector seems like the right thing to do and should be a quick fix.

Sometimes just follow gut feeling and opening things up and have a look 
can be effective debugging.

I think this explains the flickering width that I have seen on that display.

I still want that schematic thought.


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