[time-nuts] Trimble copy of Z3801

John Allen john at pcsupportsolutions.com
Wed Oct 28 01:50:09 UTC 2009

It is a (mostly Z3801A) clone made for Nortel by Trimple.
It speaks Trimble, so Lady Heather can discipline it.
It can not be jumper-ed to run RS-232 - RS-485 only.
The insides are completely different from the Z3801A, the rear I/O is the
same except that it accepts +20-30V (+27 to + 27.6V Nominal),  (Cell site
And, it ALSO accepts CO (Central Office) voltage at -40 to -60V (-54 to
-55.2 Nominal)  (Auto Select)
(Note: These voltages are the "Float Voltages" for standby batteries with 12
& 24 cells, i.e.; 24 & 48 V battery strings.)  More about batteries on

Many of these have been sold on epay by fluke.l in China and others.

Regards, John K1AE

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There is what appears to be a Trimble copy of a Z3801 on eBay. number
I can't seem to find any info. Is this really a Z3801 copy or just a Tbolt
in a fancy case?
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