[time-nuts] 7150+ filter problem

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 28 07:34:25 UTC 2009

What you say is true, but there is the time involved in repairing the filter. There is also the risk of injury while doing so (those cans have sharp edges), and the risk of a short circuit when the whole thing is re-assembled. I tend to "price" my time these days, I'd rather do something to raise £25 (overtime, put something on ebay) than spend 2 hours messing with a smelly mains filter. If you want minimum cost, bypass the voltage selector and fit a standard filter inlet with an adaptor plate.
It's very much a personal choice.
Robert G8RPI.

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From: David <t_list_1_only at braw.co.uk>
Subject: Re: [time-nuts] 7150+ filter problem
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Date: Tuesday, 27 October, 2009, 23:20

> 15 minutes is all it took for the signature ffffffzzt pop of 
> the filter letting go.
> It has (to say the least), forced the issue.
> Now I've removed all the solder around the earth pin, but I 
> still can't get the cover off. Does it just require brute 
> force to pull it off or there something else holding it on?

>> never taken an FN372 apart, not really worth it as?they are 
>> about ?25 from RS components. Most filters are epoxy potted 
>> so I think you will have to use a lot of brute force to open 
>> it up and then break up the epoxy.

I went the brutal route, I think I 'peeled' the metal (in strips) off the
potting and then just cut everything out from the back until I found the
three pins. As for is it worth fixing, when I've fixed something I know how
it's been done and who is to blame next time. Besides, £25 for a mains
filter is painful when the whole meter cost £20 via fleabay - it's one of
those Scottish things.


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