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Wed Oct 28 09:58:36 UTC 2009

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Hello  fellow time nuts:

I am interested in building a clock that will  use embedded technology and
self set using the Network Time Protocol (NTP)  from a given server.  The
clock will be setup via USB and then get  it's signals from either a RJ-45
network connection or via WIFI.  I  believe the software will be simple
enough, probably some form of embedded  Linux ideally. 

Where the problem lies is that I need to find  the IC chips for clocks and
build a display . ideally my whole house would  sport these clocks and get
their signal from my own NTP server or any of  the public ones.  My 
clock would be a bedside alarm clock  with only alarm set functions for any
buttons, the actual time setting  would be as described above.  If anyone 
direct me to suppliers for  these parts that is what I really need as well 
to know what parts I need  J
Perhaps an ideal starting point would be to read "Chronopolis" by J G  


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