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Fri Oct 9 21:52:43 UTC 2009

1 oscillators=2C  the 10544's seem to have quite a bit LESS long term drift=
 than the 10811's.   This is comparing units that have been stabilized for =
at least a couple of months of continuous operation.

One disadvantage of the 10544's is that you need an insulated diddle stick =
to tweak them. =20

A big disadvantage of both units is their mechanical adjustment is rather c=
rude.  Tweaking them in to the last few counts is essentially a random oper=
ation.  You make the minimum tweak possible=2C  check the results=2C  repea=
t until one just happens to be close enough.  There is no way to intentiona=
lly adjust them to the resolution that the instruments are capable of.

Like many old pots/caps=2C  the sweet spot of where you want the adjustment=
 to be=2C is often unobtainable because the device has been sitting on that=
 place for ages and has deformed that spot such that you can no longer adju=
st it to that exact value. 		 	   		 =20
Windows 7: I wanted more reliable=2C now it's more reliable. Wow!

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