[time-nuts] GPS L1 chokering antenna

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 1 11:07:55 UTC 2009

I bought one of these (Ebay item 130327309214).   Testing so far shows it does a very good job in a very high multipath environment with a survey spread of around 15 feet vs 70 feet for a patch antenna.   It is about 14" x 14".  I suspect it will go for around $100 - $150.  

What is interesting is that somebody built an L1 only chokering antenna.  These things are very expensive and used where very high precision is needed.  People doing that almost always use L1/L2 receivers.  Also,  it has that big spiked radome.  These are usually used in fixed position CORS reference stations or in geodetic monitoring applications.  I have not tried it with my Ashtech Z12 to see if it is actually an L1/L2 antenna.  

Get back to school stuff for them and cashback for you.

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