[time-nuts] AD1861N

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Wed Sep 2 13:02:14 UTC 2009

See user bbshonic, and specifically:

(or http://tinyurl.com/ku4gky if the above gets mangled)


          Peter  (G8ZZR, London, England)

On Wed Sep  2  7:44 , 'J. L. Trantham' <jltran at worldnet.att.net> sent:

>I tried to find them but couldn't.
>Do you have an item number?
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>Having a few boards of Brooks Shera's original design I have been looking  
>out for AD1861N's. I found them on ebay and convinced the seller to drop the
> price. There are still 90+ available for $10.88 each plus $ 5  shipping.   

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