[time-nuts] More Z3801/Tbolt comparisons

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Fri Sep 4 12:58:57 UTC 2009

Hi Mark,

     If we are being this careful, I wonder if you should use a SIDEREAL day of
averaging - 236 seconds short of a solar day ?


          Peter Vince  (G8ZZR, London, England)

On Thu Sep  3 19:40 , Mark Sims <holrum at hotmail.com> sent:

> The next version of Lady Heather will have a very precise self-survey routine.
> It takes data for 48 hours (which has 24 overlapping 24 hour intervals) and
> statistically processes it to get a very precise location.  Typically the error
> is around 1 foot lat/lon,  1 meter altitude (there he goes, mixing measurement
> systems again).  With good antennas in good locations it can get to under 4 inches
> of error.  Poor antennas in bad locations might be 2 feet off.

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