[time-nuts] tHP 5071A Electron Multiplier of Cesium Beam Tube

wje wje at quackers.net
Sun Sep 6 15:23:36 UTC 2009

   It's not replaceable. The tube is a sealed (welded, in fact) assembly.
   Even if you could open it, you would need a lot of very specialized
   equipment to repair it.
   You'll either have to find a used replacement tube, or buy a new one.
   They're only around $30K. :)
Bill Ezell
They said 'Windows or better'
so I used Linux.

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   1. HP 5071A  Electron Multiplier of Cesium Beam Tube
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     [time-nuts] HP 5071A Electron Multiplier of Cesium Beam Tube
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Hi all,

I got an HP 5071A,but it did not work.I think the Electron Multiplier decay prob
lem. I want to change Electron Multiplier of Cesium Beam Tube .
where to buy the Electron Multiplier and how to replace it? Thanks.



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