[time-nuts] HP 5071A Electron Multiplier of Cesium Beam Tube

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Mon Sep 7 01:27:11 UTC 2009

Out of curiosity, what do the Datum tubes sell for? Are they any good?



> Of course, you'd hear the same thing if you asked the modern-day HP if
> they
> could refurbish an inkjet cartridge. :)  Not the same thing, and not the
> same company, I know... but still, HP had no incentive to try very hard to
> develop a reconditioning process, at least before Datum started selling
> replacement tubes.
> One problem is, the job would have to be done under vacuum at every step,
> or
> at least in an inert-gas atmosphere.  That means either some kind of glove
> box or robotics.  If any oxygen were to enter the tube, the cesium that's
> deposited everywhere would oxidize immediately and irreversibly ruin any
> surface it's on.
> My guess is that anyone capable of reconditioning a Cs tube at home would
> also be capable of building one from scratch.  Easier to earn the $30K for
> a
> new one at McDonald's, would be my guess.
> -- john, KE5FX
>> J. Forster wrote:
>> > Cesium is pretty reactive and could likely be stripped off
>> chemically and
>> > the CBT tube cleaned.
>> The HP/Agilent CBT experts claimed they didn't know how to do
>> this, at least
>> for any economically viable cost.  They also said they have been
>> asked this question approximately 2 gazillion times.
>> Rick Karlquist N6RK

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