[time-nuts] HP 5071A Electron Multiplier of Cesium Beam Tube

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Mon Sep 7 06:39:47 UTC 2009

Don Latham wrote:
> yet another reason not to buy a CS clock. What kind of self-destructive 
> bs is this?

The expensive kind.

I recall a discussion about refilling cesium in tubes from another 
direction. I was suppriced that they did not understand how cesium 
contaminates the tube, how spectrometer and vacuum "pump" is 
contaminated etc. They where only discussing the addition of more 
cesium. Even my very rudimentary knowledge outweigth them, that suprised me.

Pumping would reduce cesium spills at first magnet, which should be a 
significant improvement in lifetime. As the oven temperature is lowered 
to reduce stream of cesium, a lower average speed would be achieved, 
thus prodicing a longer interaction time which would improve 
performance. Alternatively better short-term stability could be achieved 
with the improved signal-to-noise.


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