[time-nuts] HP 5071A Electron Multiplier of Cesium Beam Tube

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Mon Sep 7 21:09:00 UTC 2009

Hi Don,

Don Latham wrote:
> Hi Magnus: I don't express myself well at all. I meant the meanness and
> shortsighted technique of insuring the equipment would not run without the
> magic poem. Unnecessary IMHO.

Oh, I find the poem a nice tongue-in-cheek from its designer. We have 
always wanted refined high precission physical science to be dwelled 
into chants and poems of its master magicians. :)

> I thoroughly agree with all of you that refilling the tube is
> unquestionably a waste of time.

The issues of CBTs needs to be understood before attempting it. Opening 
them in vacuum or inert environment seems possible, but time-consuming 
as well as requiring a bit of speciallized toolset (lathe inside inert 
environment is just not lying around).


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