[time-nuts] Lady Heather bug reading in log files

Had had at to-way.com
Wed Sep 9 00:15:11 UTC 2009


Can't wait.

I did not see any response to your question about precision resistors 
with four connections and I must say I have no idea. I have done 
extensive work with high current shunts. I every case the outer, 
large screw connections, are the supply and load and the inner, small 
screw connections are for metering. I don't have a clue if this applies or not.


At 05:02 PM 9/8/2009, you wrote:

>There is a bug,  well uhh,  an undocumented feature in the current 
>release of Lady Heather.  If you read in a log file,  data coming in 
>over the serial port can get mixed in with the log file data when 
>the adevs are calculated.  Temporary fix if you desire proper adev 
>numbers,  is to disconnect the serial port before you read in the log file.
>The next release of Lady Heather will use John Miles's incremental 
>adev code to update the adevs on the fly...  no more of those 
>pregnant pauses every 10 seconds as the adevs are recalulated.  Also 
>the non-overlapping adev calculations have been 
>removed.  Overlapping adevs make much better use of the data.
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A fine is a tax for doing wrong.  A tax is a fine for doing well.

Peter Cooper, of Fermi Lab, says, "Every experimentalist knows
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always at fault until demonstrated otherwise." He also says,
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