[time-nuts] Looking for RTC or some combination of MPU/crystal for 0.1ppm accuracy.

Rick Harold rickharold at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 21:33:08 UTC 2009


I need to find a solution for a RTC which provides 0.1 ppm accuracy in the
form of a RTC/MPU or some other combination, oscillator etc..
I'm creating some sensors which all need to do timed measurements and need
to be at the same time.  They can get a time beacon
every 10 seconds but then need to accurately perform independently 20x /
sec.  They cannot communicate with each other and other than the time beacon
are unconnected.  After a period of time they will send their time-stamped
data out.

I haven't seen anything other than RTC DS32B35/DS32C35 which perform at
~2ppm.  I need an order of magnitude better.  An atomic clock
would be great, but the cost/size has to be low as these are sensors and it
would be overkill.

Any ideas?


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