[time-nuts] Cesium tube details

Predrag Dukic stijena at tapko.de
Sat Sep 12 23:31:03 UTC 2009

Getter material for unused Cs beam should be antimone, according to 
some documents from the web

(NIST and USPTO archives)

Predrag Dukic

At 01:19 13.9.2009, you wrote:
>You stirred up a stimulating discussion on the internal workings of the
>I've had a bunch of emails asking questions about the tubes.
>So I'm going to take lots of PIX of a tube disassembly to show what the
>"guts" look like.
>I've also received many ideas on how to refill an empty oven.
>The PIX should also show just how difficult that would turn out to be!
>Did you ever happen to acquire any knowledge of the gettering "goo" that
>they painted on the inside walls of the tube?
>There also seems to be a carbonized piece of bamboo (at least thats what
>it looks like) about 1/2 inch square on the end cap where the spent beam
>Is it really bamboo? Kind of neat if it was, ultra hi tech meets ultra
>low tech!
>I'll post the link to the pictures once I get the time to do the cutting.
>Corby Dawson
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