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Prologix support at prologix.biz
Wed Sep 16 01:35:04 UTC 2009

Closing the loop...

Latest firmware updates available at http://prologix.biz includes the
++savecfg command to temporarily disable automatic saving of configuration
parameters (including address). 
Please see manual for details.


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The Prologix adapter has a ++addr command for changing the GPIB address.
You can select different instruments that way.  

Unfortunately, the version I looked seems to have a potentially fatal flaw.
When you change the ++addr,  the device writes the internal microprocessor
EEPROM.  The EEPROM is speced a 1 million write cycles.  If you changed
instruments at once a second,  in under two weeks the chip could be toast.
My app could have worn out the chip in under a day...   

All this assumes that Prologix did not implement some sort of elaborate wear
leveling scheme in their software,  but I suspect not.  They seem to have
intended one to set up the device to talk to one instrument then save that
configuration in the chip.  Dynamically hammering the thing to death with
address changes was not the intention of the ++addr command.  

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