[time-nuts] Distribution amp plans/kits (was Re: How do time-nuts measure phase noise?)

John Ackermann jra at febo.com
Sat Sep 19 23:37:20 UTC 2009

With a lot of help from some of the other time-nuts, I've been working 
on a follow-on to the TADD-1.  Progress has been non-existent for the 
past several months, but the initial prototype met the goals of very low 
phase noise and very high isolation.  However, it will probably be more 
expensive per-channel than the TADD-1, and we may not be able to fit six 
channels into the TADD form factor.  Most likely, it'll be a four 
channel design, but you will be able to daisy-chain across the input stages.

No promises when progress will resume, but it *is* going to happen...


Chris Caudle said the following on 09/19/2009 06:13 PM:
> On Tue, August 18, 2009 1:28 pm, Gerhard Hoffmann wrote:
>> I have done a new incarnation of my discrete NIST-flavoured
>> distribution amplifier. The input return loss still needs
>> to be cleaned up, then it's ready for publication.
> I have been interested in this, the time lag made me afraid you were not
> going to publish any additional details.
> What other distribution amp plans or kits are others aware of?  I know of
> the TAPR TADD design, which is op-amp based, and the G4HUP design, which
> is based on MMIC devices.  The design Hoffmann is working on is the first
> I have seen based on optimized discrete devices (assuming that eventually
> full schematics and Gerber files are published, to be able to consider it
> in the "kit" category, even if I have to get my own PCB's built).
> Are there others which I just have not seen yet?

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