[time-nuts] Oscillator/OCXO Cathodeon FS59

David C. Partridge david.partridge at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Sep 20 03:30:43 UTC 2009

In a partial answer to my own question, and information from a post dated 29
May 2007 by Peter Carran: 

 > FS5951 is a temperature controlled crystal oscillator.
 > My shortform Cathodon catalogue describes it as follows:
 >  Freq stability:  0.1x10-6 0 to 60C
 >  Osc supply:  5 volts 300 mW
 >  Oven supply:  9 volts 1.2 W (at 25 C)
 >  Warm-up time:  4 minutes to 0.2 x 10-6
 >  Output:  FS5951-01 TTL drive; FS5951-02 0.8v p-p
 >  Frequency adjustable via trimmer capacitor

 > The 5953 models had varicap diodes to allow phase locking but it doesn't
 > look like the 5951 has this facility.  Models were also available with
 > alternative oven voltages of 5, 12, 15, 18, and 24 volts DC.

Checking the PCB from which I pulled this wee beastie suggests the following

 Pin 1 is output
 Pin 2 is ground
 Pin 3 is +5V
 Pin 4 would appear to be the +9V heater supply.

I think the other pin is just a location/orientation pin judging by the
information in the above quote.

Diode checks:
 Pin 2 to 1 0.129V in both directions
 Pin 2 to 3 0.505V, 0.6V depending on which way round you check.
 Pin 2 to 4 1.61V, 0.5V depending on which way round you check.

The last pin shows no connection to either ohms or diode check.  Case is not
connected to any pin.

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I have in my sticky mitts a Cathodeon Oscillator Type FS59 51/01 10.0MHz.
It might or might not be an OCXO.

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