[time-nuts] [timenuts] GPS L1 chokering antenna

geo at drbertges.de geo at drbertges.de
Mon Sep 21 04:37:56 UTC 2009

Hi there,

something about the power supply. If it's an older Leica choke ring antenna,
it uses an AeroAntenna antenna element. Perhaps there is still a label on
the lower side of the choke ring.
L1L2 antennas had the part number AT2775-..., L1 had been AT575-... 
The power supply is coded there. 

           |    |   |  |  +--- magnet (if available)
           |    |   |  +------ antenna gain (00=passive, 12=12dB ...
           |    |   +--------- supply voltage (00=passive,05=+5V,RG=+5..+18V
           |    +------------- cable length [inch]
           +------------------ connector type

... same with AT575.

Best regards


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