[time-nuts] Solartron 7150plus DMM Failure

Philip Pemberton lists at philpem.me.uk
Mon Sep 21 20:53:02 UTC 2009

GandalfG8 at aol.com wrote:
> I have now had two identical failures of Schaffner filtered mains  sockets 
> on ex-mil 7150plus DMMs, although I'm not suggesting the ex-mil  source is 
> particularly relevant.
> In both cases there has been an internal component failure within the mains 
>  socket that caused it to emit smoke around the edges of the metal filter  
> cover, accompanied by a brown goo and a very unpleasant smell.

Interesting. There's what, nearly half a dozen reported failures now?

   - 2 of yours
   - 1 of mine
   - and someone else who emailed me the other day about possible 
alternatives to the Schaffner filter unit

It is, in all likelihood the X2-rated mains filter cap that's blowing -- 
I've seen a similar fault on BBC Micros when the X2 caps fail in those, 
which causes the same brown smoke emission. In those, however, the smoke 
doesn't usually condense and stick...

I suspect if I ever get another 7150+, I'll be swapping the line filter 
on the instrument's arrival...

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