[time-nuts] Ref. the Power Line filters !

Adrian rfnuts at arcor.de
Tue Sep 22 10:51:24 UTC 2009

In the late 70's / early to mid 80's this has been a common failure in 
Euopean colour TV sets. Some even caused larger fires.
The culprit was a potted yellow ITT AC filter cap. The TV manufactureres 
just sent you bags of grey ones that were supposed to avoid that problem.
Fortunately (remember there were millions of units out there!), that has 
been long before product liablity was introduced in the EU...
I would consider those IEC filters as dangerous, and I highly recommend 
to replace them rather than waiting until they fail...


Roy Phillips schrieb:
> Its certainly not restricted to the Solartron 7150, I have had the same result with an HP 436A (late model) which has an "open" power line filter wired directly to the IEC power line socket, and its the "Rifa" 250 volt AC rated  capacitor, which sits across the power line that fails in a very dramatic and smelly manner. This depositing a nasty brown residue around the area.  Perhaps the comment regarding the peak line voltage in the UK may be relevant. I have also had the same experience with Farnell SWMP units that have the same type of capacitor across the line input. 
>  Roy
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