[time-nuts] RoHS Solder

SAIDJACK at aol.com SAIDJACK at aol.com
Sat Sep 26 08:19:02 UTC 2009

Hi Rexa,
agree with your comments.
I happen to have a UK passport too, and now live in the US.
These kind of folks are the reason I left Europe for good.
Sometimes it is good to be reminded of just why I left..
In a message dated 9/25/2009 18:55:13 Pacific Daylight Time, rexa at sonic.net 

Dave  Ackrill wrote:

> I am now even less inclined to go to the USA based  upon the crass 
> stupidity shown in forums like this one from the US  based subscribers.
> Dave (G0DJA)

I have no idea  what offence(s) you think you may have been subjected to. 
The whole post  seems very un-time-nut-like, but it's interesting to 
observe that the bad  attitude of (some/all of us) crass Americans has 
been able to teach you to  respond in kind. Well  done.

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