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Your comments are both unwise, unnecessary, and downright rude to the many
members of this group.

As someone who was born in England, lived here all my life, but had the
great pleasure of working with US companies for many years and has many
friends in the US, I'm very disappointed that you feel you had to put what
you did in print.

Rob Kimberley 

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Javier Herrero wrote:
> That reminds me a shor story 'Survey Team' by Philip K. Dick :)

Reminds me of why the USA decided to pollute the world and continue to 
earn more whilst we all have to give into USA taxation.

UK special relations?  No, we get 'done in' by the USA protectionism as 

I'm sorry, but I've not wanted to go to the USA, even if someone else 
was paying, because of this and I'm even not willing to go to the USA 
Hamfest next May because I really, really, don't like the USA attitude.

Kate wants to go (again, she has been to Canada and the USA already) but 
I am now even less inclined to go to the USA based upon the crass 
stupidity shown in forums like this one from the US based subscribers.

Dave (G0DJA)

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