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Fri Sep 4 12:59:48 UTC 2009

hours, the GPSDO hasn't yet reached it's best performance (correct?).
The PU at this time 3.4uS. I understand that this is a prediction for
the next 24hrs if GPS lock is lost. The question is, what does the
3.4uS apply to? I assume it is the PPS. Since the PPS and the 10MHz
are phase locked, then the 10MHz drift when unlocked should be
proportional, right? What do the numbers for the EFC correspond to? I
don't know what units are being used for these numbers. I understand
that LPF is Low Pass Filter, but what exactly is that number telling

On the TI graph, are those data points showing me the corrections made
to the internal clock, based on GPS data? According to the graph, over
the past 48hrs, the average difference of this GPSDO from UTC is
14.77nS, correct? How does this compare with most other Z3801A's?

Sorry for so many questions. Any additional expanations are encouraged
and welcome.

Joe Gray

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