[time-nuts] Stanford Research SR620 Measurement Bias

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Sep 27 21:01:58 UTC 2009


Corby Dawson wrote:
>    Stan. 
>     Calibrating the units timebase per page 76 of the manual you can
> manually
>     adjust the calbyte 4 word until the counter averages zero offset plus
>     minus around the 5Mhz.
>     You will still have the .0060 bias but it will plus and minus 30.

This will not solve his issue. Notice how the error increases in size by 
about a decade as the time-base steps down by a decade. This is not a 
time-base issue, this is a time-delay issue, a static delay between 
start and stop events. I am preparing a more detailed answer.


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