[time-nuts] 5350A versus 53131A

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Mon Aug 2 12:55:11 UTC 2010

Bonjour Loïc,

     I am very happy with the 53131 and 53132 that I have (the latter
have 150ps resolution, as opposed to the 500ps resolution of the
'131). As well as a GPIB port, they also have a simple D9 serial port,
and can very easily be configured to output each reading down the
serial port, for easy viewing using something like Hyperterm (in
Windows), and subsequent capture to file for later analysis.  Expect
to pay up to €1000 for these.  They do, however, have a small fan that
runs all the time.  This can be slightly irritating in a quiet home
environment, but is lost in the noise of the air-conditioning at work


          Peter (London, England)

On 2 August 2010 13:42, Loïc MOREAU <Loic.MOREAU at eai.fr> wrote:
> In order to compare different frequency sources i am in the process to acquire old Agilent gear, i am looking to different directions   5350A counter or more modern 53131A the prices are nearly equals and I prefer more recent equipment so I somebody can give me an advice to look further on 5350A  it will be appreciated.
> The 225 Mhz frequency limit of the 53131 is not a problem as some equipment are equipped with a 3 Ghz option and it will be possible to construct/buy a prescaler.
> regards
> Loïc

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