[time-nuts] Regulating a pendulum clock (Jim Palfreyman)

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 08:00:22 UTC 2010

This is very interesting and I wonder if the capabilities of this
system being applied to any clock pendulum. If this sort of control
any pendulum, then I wonder if it's possible to sync it to some


On 08/08/2010, Don Mimlitch <donmeis at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jim Said:
>>It also has a coil mounted near the pendulum and a fixed magnet on the
>>pendulum bar and this coil connects to a box down below with a meter
>>and a knob. They are labeled in sec/day. The electronics in the box
>>are not clear (being quite old) but by measuring the current in the
>>coil it quite simply increases the current one way to slow the clock
>>and the other way to speed it up. (I'll admit the physics of this
>>doesn't make sense to me - but it works!)
> I have a Warren Telechron Master Clock used in Power Stations in the 20's to
> regulate the 60 Cycle so that household clocks using synchronous motors
> would be accurate to seconds a day.
> This clock has a similar permanent magnet at the end of the Pendulum and
> a battery connected to a potentiometer to adjust the current flow positive
> or negative in an electro-magnet below the pendulum..
> If the bottom of the magnet in the pendulum is "north" and the current in
> the electromagnet is flowing such that its top face is North, then this will
> repel the pendulum causing its swing to be wider and contrary to common
> knowledge the swing of a fixed length pendulum is not constant regardless of
> the swing. (Huygens discovered this in 1670 an found by forcing the arc of
> the swing to be cycloid instead of circular he could produce uniform
> oscillation) Thus if the arc is longer the swing takes more time and the
> clock runs slower.
> If the current flows in the opposite direction and the two magnets attract
> then the arc is shortened and the clock runs faster. Of course my master
> clock isn't as accurate as a Riefler pendulum clock. Also the magnet in my
> clock has lost it's magnetism over time and I can't use this regulation.
> So the goal of your adaptation is to have precision control of the current
> flow in the positive or negative direction. Others on the list are better
> then me at describing how you might achieve this.
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