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> Well last night I did a quick and dirty.
> I got my (GPS locked) 3325B to generate square waves (0-5V) at 1 Hz. 500ms
> on. 500ms off. I ran this through a relay that delivered 10mA at 25V to 
> the
> coil.
> By adjusting the phase of the 3325B I got the ON to occur as the magnets
> approached. But I had no idea whether the magnets were attracting or
> repelling at that point.
> Watching the timing of the pendulum it started to radically deviate. I
> concluded it was repelling and so reverse the polarity. It started heading
> back the other way. Cool. As it was late - I went to bed.
> Next morning the pendulum had locked in nicely. It was only deviating a 
> few
> ms either side of a fixed point. I will let this run for today and make 
> sure
> it has settled in and doesn't vary.
> The pendulum clock is fast by 200ms and so I'll adjust the phase to 
> correct
> it tonight.
> Next step will be to drive it properly from my rubidium driven
> microcontroller.
> While I organise that I'll turn off the electromagnet and see if I can 
> pick
> up the tides.
> Regards,
> Jim Palfreyman
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