[time-nuts] My old new 53132A just arrived

Loïc MOREAU Loic.MOREAU at eai.fr
Mon Aug 9 12:15:58 UTC 2010

Hi all,

My first goal is to verify the frequency of my different RF sources : 4420B, some DDS, a N2PK VNA and  ISOTEMP 134-10, the next step with the help of an Excel spread sheet to have some idea about their respective stability.

Equipped with option 010, I would like to know how in which direction to go to calibrate my unit. The frequency of the internal time base is supposed to be stable but I have no way to know the exact frequency as the unit is an old one.

So I suppose I have to calibrate the gear with an external source, for now I can suppose that my 53132A is accurate to 10-6  or +-1Hz, as it is so easy to turn the front panel adjusting screw, I am not sure about the actual precision.

I can take two possible direction to improve my system with an external time base.   

1. acquire a rubidium 10Mhz, put in in a box with a 24V power supply 


2. acquire a 10Mhz GMS time unit or homebrew one with one of the numerous project that we can find.

Can somebody give an advice : I have no clue to choose between the solutions, apart the power drain of the first one. 



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