[time-nuts] My old new 53132A just arrived

Dr. Frank Stellmach drfrank.stellmach at freenet.de
Mon Aug 9 21:54:48 UTC 2010

Bonsoir Loïc,

and congratulations for your new, nice device.

You should order the T.Bolt from fluke.l on e...y, standard easy kit 
with power supply and antenna, just working fine,
The LCD monitor is also quite handy. You may also order an LPRO 101 Rb 
standard from him, so you have always a very stable reference for a low 

Alternatively, you may get a receiver for  the German DCF77 signal (I 
can see the transmitter every day from my work place), but its a real 
pain for such high precision TICs.

I've got the predecessor of the 53132A, i.e. the 5335A - uses a similar 
time interpolation circuitry  with 1ns LSD / 2ns resolution (jitter), 
giving 9 digits/sec.

If you examine your TIC/counter, could you please verify  the '132A 
counter specs, saying 12digits /sec, although LSD is 150ps, RMS 
resolution 300ps, which should give 10 digits/sec only.

(My 5370B  resolves 11digits/sec , but has 20ps LSD and 35ps RMS 

I think the agilent people are cheating a little bit (compared to former 

Anyhow, that's just for interest. Just have fun.


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