[time-nuts] Remove Pictic boards from envelopes

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 14:36:19 UTC 2010

They just need the simple application of the little pink eraser (I was
going to say rubber :) at the end of a pencil and a bit of elbow
grease to come up looking shiny and new.

The nice thing about the little pink erasers at the ends of pencils is
that they are just the right softness and have just enough abrasive to
clean oxide off easily and safely. They are also just the right size
to get them into many tight places and what's more, they come with a
long stick attached that you can wield them with and, when they are
all worn out, you can sharpen the other end of the stick and,
hey-presto!, you have a working writing and drawing instrument.
Recycling at it's best.

The pencil is your friend.


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>  Could
> there maybe be a thin flux coating over the pads which is cause the
> disquiet?
> Alan G3NYK
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> The boards had a uniform silver finish except for the green solder mask. I'm
> sure I would have noticed any brown tint while packing them. The brown tint
> must
> have occured in shipment. Sorry the choice of packing was my mistake and
> will be
> glad to make good anyone who needs replacment please email me off list.
> Stanley
> Stanley
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