[time-nuts] Simulation

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Sat Aug 14 13:52:40 UTC 2010

I have ALWAYS distrusted simulation and computer modeling. And I used to
teach the stuff. GIGO.

"Neither the voice of authority nor the weight of reason and argument are
as significant as experiment, for thence comes quiet to the mind."
R. Bacon



> Hi
> Simply a few stories I thought I would share.
> Simulate design. Use manufacturer's published models. Build design. Note
> differences. Call manufacturer. Answer - switched die three years ago, Ft
> is now " much better " ( now 3x old parts ).
> Odd they never mentioned that to people who work for the same company.
> Simulate design, Build design, verify design, ship it for a few years. Odd
> things start to happen. Look at some parts. Package looks different. Ask
> around..... Line got moved to other side of big ocean. Process got "
> tweaked" beta is now 4x what it was.
> Again all inside the same company. Both cases were excused by industry
> standard specs that had no upper limit.
> We had whole departments devoted to tracking this sort of stuff. It still
> happened on a regular basis. 30 years later the specs on the devices and
> their published models are still the " old version " ones.
> Bob
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