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Yes, I guess it was. I have been in the military business since 1967, and,
certainly seen my share. Besides all of the screw ups, there was one that
really took the cake. I once worked for a company that had to build a radio
that was strictly build-to-print. The original drawing had a mil-spec yellow
band resistor of value X in the front end. Well, with that resistor the NF
could not be met. They could meet it with a value Y. Pleading with the
government reps made no difference. Finally, the head of the company QA
department wrote a letter to AB and actually asked them to provide resistors
with value Y, but, color code them with the value X. Everyone signed off on
it, and, everything was fine. I still have a copy of the letter someplace. I
just got back from Fort Bragg where I was involved in certifying a system at
Ka band. The antenna is a 30 footer and had only a 10 degree elevation look
angle to see the bird needed. Well, guess what? There are three 30 foot
dishes in the system, the other two being Ku, and this antenna was between
them looking right through one of the Ku antennas. Really messed with the
patterns. Now, based on my input they are changing the feed assembly and all
of the RF between the two antennas to prevent the blockage. It will take a
month. I am sure I will be there again. A few simple examples of hundreds.
- Regards - Mike

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Not that  it really matters for this thread, but, the 2N2222A was one of the
most  common NPNs and not PNPs. As I recall, the 2N2907A was its PNP
complement.  - regards - Mike

Wasn't that exactly the point that was being made?:-)
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