[time-nuts] OT: leaching was, Alternative time interval interpolation technique

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 15 01:45:22 UTC 2010

oh well no credit for me, but what happened to the missing space when so many 
other spaces made it thru as %20 ?

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stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com said:
> When they receive the request for the pdf they check to see what page
> referred  the request if it wasn't their site then they assume some other
> web site  leaching bandwidth. This other site pretends to serve the file but
> in fact it is  still served by them. This pretend site doesn't pay for the
> bandwidth to serve  the files, win for them lose for the unprotected server.

Nice try, but that's not the problem this time.

From the original message:

bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz said:
> http://risorse.dei.polimi.it/digital/products/2010/High frequency,high  time
> resolution time-to-digital converter employing passive resonating
> circuits.pdf

> <http://risorse.dei.polimi.it/digital/products/2010/High%20frequency,high%20t
> ime%20resolution%20time-to-digital%20converter%20employing%20passive%20resona
> ting%20circuits.pdf> 

The URL overflows a line and contains spaces.  The second copy inside <> has 
%20 where the spaces go.  You are supposed to remove the line breaks and put 
it back together.

The problem is that there is a missing space between "High frequency," and 
"high time".

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