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Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 15 17:01:11 UTC 2010

Files here www.n4iqt.com/BillRiley

If you rename the PCB and or the SCH files you will need to relink them in the 
expressPCB program. The mixer board has a netlink warning but this maybe on 
purpose as it is with the ground and maybe the isolation mentioned in the notes.


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Steve Rooke wrote:
> Stanley and Nigel,
> I have received the go ahead to distribute the Small DMTD project
> files from Bill. It is in the form of a 500k zip so how do we want to
> play this? For a start, Gmail will not let me send .exe files, even
> though they are inside a zip file and I'm not putting them into a
> password encrypted file to circumvent this so I'll send the archive
> with the extension changed to .xxx. If you don't know how to change
> that back to .zip may I suggest you contact Mr Gates and tell him that
> his method of file typing sucks and is a noddy system fit only for
> Toytown.

I can host the file if needed, let me know.

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