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Tue Aug 17 17:42:28 UTC 2010

Hello Bernd,
That's good PN for 1KHz and above on the AXIS10LN. How about the 1Hz, 10Hz, 
 and 100Hz noise?
Can -95dBc/Hz. 128dBc/Hz, and 135dBc/Hz be achieved in a VCXO?
How does the high power drive (which I assume is needed to achieve these PN 
 numbers) affect long term (10+ Year) aging versus it's EFC range?
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bneubig at t-online.de writes:

PN  of VCXO is larger than that of OCXO because
- mostly fundamental mode or  low overtone crystls are used, which have 
Q that tose crystals used  in OCXO
- the phase noise is increased due to parametric effects of teh  varactor
Nevertheless there are VCXO on the market which provide  much lower phase
noise than teh mass-produced standard models.
See for  example the AXIS10LN on the AXTAL website www.axtal.com. There may
be other  vendors too ;-)


Bernd Neubig  DK1AG

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