[time-nuts] small cache of 74AC175 located

EMMANOUIL MANTZARAS sv1bke at usa.net
Thu Aug 19 16:58:22 UTC 2010


I need 6 74act175 chips
can you help??
Emmanouil Mantzaras
Athens - Greece

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Subject: [time-nuts] small cache of 74AC175 located

Purely by chance I just have located a small cache of 74AC175
and 74ACT175 chips in a private collection here in Denmark.

For reasons too complicated to get into here, I cannot buy them
outright, but I can probably liberate some of them to good homes,
in return for good behaviour and donation of some time to a good

The majority of the chips are ACT, and a quick glance at the
datasheet seems to indicate those have better timing specs.

If anybody are still not supplied, please drop me a private email
and I will see what I can arrange.


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