[time-nuts] Phase noise measurement (was - no subject)

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sat Aug 21 00:11:22 UTC 2010

> you have the following options:
> - HP (Agilent) E5052A/B or R&S FSUP Signal Source Analyzer (works for a
> single DUT, though limited to 1 Hz offset, normally useful for 10 Hz up
> to 40 MHz).
> - Compare two identical DUT's with a HP 3048A or similar PN test system
> and subtract 3 dB, assuming that the PN characteristic of both DUT's is
> identical.
> - Compare 3 similar DUT's  with a HP 3048A and calculate the individual
> PN using the three cornerd hat method.
> - set up a cross correlation PN measurement system similar to the E5052A
> and have fun. You will however need two - as good as possible, but
> preferaby not more than 10 dB worse than what you want to measure -
> VCXO's like HP 10811A's...
> - you may build your own HP 3048A alike system, but be prepared to
> invest serious money and time, and much more time than you thought in
> the beginning... (if that is what you're after, you'll have the most fun
> you can).
> - find someone who has one of the above and talk him into measuring yours.

Also, it looks like you (Mark) are only about an hour from Cerritos, where
the MUD ( http://www.microwaveupdate.org ) conference will be held at the
end of October.  This could be one option for you.  As part of the $35
registration cost, you get access to a test lab set up to help attendees
measure noise figure, PN, etc. on any homebrew or commercial gear they wish
to bring.

Microwave communication nuts are especially concerned with
reference-oscillator PN because they end up multiplying it by 1000x or more.
Last year Agilent provided an E5052B, and I imagine they will this year,
too.  If not I'll probably bring my prototype cross-correlation analyzer, so
one way or another you would be able to get some PN readings at the

-- john, KE5FX

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