[time-nuts] What's the lifetime for a HP Z3801a?

mike cook mike.cook at orange.fr
Sun Aug 29 07:43:53 UTC 2010

Le 29/08/2010 04:26, Hal Murray a écrit :
>> Have a pair of Z3801a receivers and GPSCon. The running time readout for
>> both is greater than 16,000. They were around 5,000 when I got them from
>> somewhere south of here.
> I assume the units are hours, but my copy of the manual doesn't say what the
> units are.
Units are three hour periods - See the 58503B Operation and programming 
guide, 5-71
HP were pretty confident in the lifetime of their product as they allow 
a 4Gig count before rollover.
> The are built for the telecom industry.  I'd expect most of them to last
> 10-20 years.
> There is nothing inside that obviously wears out.  The electrolytic caps may
> be the weak link.
> 365*24 is 8760 so 16K is only 2 years.  Youngsters.

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