[time-nuts] Lady Heather Daemon for FreeBSD

Bob Camp lists at cq.nu
Tue Feb 2 17:58:50 UTC 2010


I'm running 8 on most of my stuff now, so that should not be an issue. If
you had come back with 6.1 that might have been reason to stop and think a

Does the program take care of all the serial line setup stuff, or are there
links and stuff that need to be done to get it to talk right? Some of the
NTP serial drivers seem to require a bit of a massage on the serial settings
to make them happy. 


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On Tue, February 2, 2010 12:47 pm, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> Sounds *very* useful.
> Which version(s) of FreeBSD have you tried it on?

8.0-STABLE, but it should be good for earlier versions.

Ralph (AB4RS)

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